Radha Govind Dham Publication Unit (RGDPU), is a special unit under Radha Govind Dham (Charitable Trust). The main aim of RGDPU is to propagate the vedic knowledge based on the teachings of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj and Swami Mukundananda.

RGDPU primarily involves in the distribution of books, audio and video lectures of Swami Mukundananda. The different items can be seen in the shop section of this website.

Visitors of this website are free to contact email us at info@rgdham.org and shop@rgdham.org. Our contact number is 011-25841047 or +91-8178318576.

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All the transaction on this website is done through Pay U Money payment gateway. Paytm gateway will be added soon.

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